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In 2007 we started importing flowers from Ecuador.

Because of our long experience importing and exporting flowers from Latin America we know exactly how to get our flowers to our clients as fast as possible.

Building up a personal relationship is at the core of our service.

We are in direct contact with growers and leverage this to provide up-to-date information, advice and of course the best flowers available. We provide a broad assortment of top quality flowers to local clients in the Netherlands as well as clients abroad.

Ronald Nieuwkoop


General manager Floral Special


"Floral Special is reliable and flexible. They always want to contribute critically to range and deliveries. Floral Special really gives substance to the concept of personal attention".

Koen Heyl | W.K. Heyl jr. Ltd.

"After having had various suppliers of Ecuador roses, we have been a customer of Floral Special for a number of years now, with complete satisfaction. They offer always good quality flowers and they have a large product range with good prices".

Jaap Remmelzwaal | Owner Stokman Ltd.

"Because they have built up a large network of growers they can easily adept to daily changing circumstances and demand. They only select the best breeds from top quality growers. Quality is assessed by color, size of the bud and quality of the leaves and stems".

Gebr. Van der Meij | A.J. van der Meij Bloemenexport Ltd.




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